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SEASON 2016-2017 – 15th SEASON

Recognized the world over as a transcendent creative music ensemble known for fusing various musical traditions in explorations that defy time and place, Constantinople this year celebrates its 15th season, the age of maturity for an artistic organization. Over the years, the group has developed close to 40 programs in Montreal, which it has subsequently performed in overĀ 25 countries.

Since its founding, Constantinople has been sustained by both the need and the desire to create in-the-moment music, spurred by new musical discoveries and encounters. This desire stems from our hunger to continually shift boundaries while remaining true to the source, to discover and engage in a dialogue between other musical cultures, creating a richer world together than ourrespective, separate worlds. The bridge between our artistic vision and our past is built in the present moment, during each rehearsal, each concert, each encounter.

In a world where most of our days are spent in front of a screen, we want to reach out and invite you to come along with us on our journey. Let some of the finest musicians on this planet transport you to the utopia of a world where a deep sense of unity and harmony is both a reality and a source of life.

What Constantinople endeavours to create at each of its concerts is a unique painting that can be contemplated from both afar and up close, that is at once intriguing, rich and homogeneous. When viewed from a distance, it appears as a single entity; but a closer inspection reveals a million colours, a million nuances.

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