Teaching, the passing on of knowledge, is essential for the advancement and vitality of all art forms. In every society, cultural exchanges and transmission create a community that is vibrant and stimulating over the short and long term. 

Constantinople is offering weekly workshops and courses relating to a variety of musical instruments, as well as group classes on diverse musical languages and the development of musical creativity.

Through this initiative, our goal is to form versatile musicians with a broad understanding and vision of music. We would also like to raise awareness of some of the neglected or little-known musical languages.


The courses are made up of 12 sessions. The duration of private courses is 45 minutes, while group courses are 90 minutes long.

  • setar, Kiya Tabassian
  • santour, Bashir Faramarzi
  • tanbur, Pooria Pournazeri
  • kanun, Didem Basar

Complet list of workshops and classes will be available soon…

Workshops and classes will take place at 428, Rachel East (corner Rivard); Metro Mont-Royal

For more information : 514-286-8008  or