Cantigas de Santa Maria

Missa Mystica is a ceremonial concert, a path toward the sublime measured in terms of the human heart. It is a celebration of the spiritual and sacred quest, far from religious rituals and orthodoxies.

With the aid of Savina Yannatou and her crystalline vocals, Constantinople is bringing to light one of the treasures of mediæval literature: the Cantigas de Santa María. This 13th century collection of musically notated poems reflects an age in which scholars, poets, musicians, dancers, scribes and illuminators—be they Christian, Muslim or Jew—served art in an ecumenical, universal way. The symbolic centre of this activity was Toledo. Written in Galician, the eminently lyrical language of Castile, this mystic fable is infused with courtly love and satire in a narrative format revolving around Marian miracles.

“The art of the troubadour requires understanding and reason (…) I hope that God will allow me to say what I desire. And what I desire is that the Virgin Mary allow me to serve as her troubadour.” -Alfonso the Wise, King of Castile

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