From Castille to Samarkand

Musiciens et instruments

The musical riches of the 15th century Silk Road

On May 23, 1403, Clavijo and his companions set sail from the port of Càdiz, headed for the city of Samarkand, the capital of Asia. Henry III had given a mission to his ambassador, the noble, courteous, and eloquent Clavijo.

In this project, Ensemble Constantinople provides an original view of the music of the thirteenth through the sixteenth centuries in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Persia, and Uzbekistan.


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Concerts archives


11.07.2009 – Nicosie (Chypre)
10.07.2009 – Limassol (Chypre)


14.04.2007 – Early Music Society of the Islands (Canada)
13.04.2007 – Banff Arts Centre (Canada)

31.03.2007 – Théâtre Centennial (Canada)


06.05.2006 –  Mexico (Mexique)
05.05.2006 –  Festival Aguascalientes (Mexique)

06.04.2006 – Los Cabos (Mexique)
05.04.2006 – Mexico (Mexique)
04.04.2006 – Festival de San Luis (Mexique)

01.03.2006 – Fundacion Très Culturas del Mediterraneo, Séville (Espagne)

27.02.2006 –  Scuola du Musica Antica di Venezia, Venise (Italie)
26.02.2006 –  Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica Budella Civitas, Biella (Italie)
25.02.2006 – Maqâm sans frontières, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris
20.02.2006 – Church of St-Lazaros, Larnaca (Chypre)
19.02.2006 – AUB Assembly Hall, Beyrouth (Liban)
17.02.2006 – Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Thessalonique (Grèce)


06.12.2005 – Palais Montcalm, Québec (Canada)


07.05.2004 – Église Saint-Félix, Cap-Fort (Canada)
06.05.2004 – Salle Pierre-Mercure, Montréal (Canada)


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