• Kiya Tabassian Setar & Artistic director

    In 2001, Kiya co-founded Constantinople with the idea of developing an ensemble for musical creation that draws from the heritage of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, of Europe, and of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Serving as its artistic director, he has developed close to 50 programs with his ensemble, which continues to be met with unparalleled acclaim by audiences around the world. 

  • Didem Başar Kanun

    Born in a family steeped in music, kanun (Turkish zither) player and composer Didem Basar began her music education at the Istanbul Turkish Music State Conservatory when she was 11 years old. After completing the Conservatory’s kanun program, she continued training at the same institution and received a bachelor’s degree in composition.

  • Patrick Graham Percussions

    Patrick Graham is an accomplished percussionist, improviser, composer and instructor from Montreal, Canada. Graham’s life-long fascination with percussion and passion for sound has led him on a globe-traversing journey, studying contemporary Western percussion, the frame drumming traditions of the Mediterranean and Middle-East, South Indian rhythm and Japanese taiko.

  • Tanya LaPerrière Baroque violin & Viola d'amore

    Recognized for the elegance and passion of her interpretations, Tanya LaPerrière is a graduated violin master of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the direction of Mira Glodeanu, as well as McGill University under the guidance of Chantal Rémillard. Co-solo violin of Arion orchestra, she also performs on Canadian and international stages with the celebrated ensembles Caprice, Constantinople and more.

  • Hamin Honari Percussions