Turquoise Lands

couverture d'album Terres Turquoises

A tribute to Turquoise Lands

This creation is a tribute to the Turquoise Lands. The land of each and every person, it is the garden of his memories and of his imagination. There, he sows the seeds of his thoughts and hopes, and nourishes them with his beliefs and his principles. It is the physical and metaphysical place where everyone takes root and in turn gives it meaning, vision, aroma, and colour.

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Concerts archives


14.07.2008 – Musiques sacrées Sylvanès (France)
11.07.2008 – Abbaye de Gellone (France)


14.10.2006 – Amuz Antwerp (Belgique)
12.10.2006 – Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen (Belgique)

08.09.2006 – Voix et route romane, Strasbourg (France)

05.07.2006 – Orientais

14.05.2006 – Salle Pierre-Mercure, Montréal (Canada)

31.03.2006 – Salla Carlos Chavez (Mexique)
30.03.2006 – Salla Carlos Chavez (Mexique)


14.05.2003 – Salle Pierre-Mercure, Montréal (Canada)

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