Under the Estonian Musical Sky

Maarja Nuut et Kiya Tabassian

Exploration de sonorités de musiques nordiques

“My desire to forge closer links to the musical world of Maarja Nuut, the new voice of Estonian music, springs from my profound interest in exploring the sounds and musical gestures of Nordic music. Strongly influenced not only by nature and the spectacular landscapes of the North but also by the evolution of human relationships with this natural world, the music of Nordic cultures speaks to the imagination and transports audiences to enchanted places.”

“Maarja Nuut’s creative process combines electronics with live treatments that lend a deeply personal colour to her art. For this new concert, Maarja and I sought a complementarity that we could qualify as “North-South.” Through a series of musical works culled from our personal repertoires or borrowed from our respective traditions, which we then rearranged together, we tried to establish a dialogue and create a singular sound environment evoking images and parables. The listener is invited to ride on the waves of our sounds, by turns repetitive and highly ornate, and take a journey through their tales and stories, inspired by our cultures in constant flux.”

Kiya Tabassian, Artistic Director

On stage

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09.04.2018 – Music & Beyond, Ottawa (Canada)
08.04.2018 – Grand Théâtre, Québec (Canada)
07.04.2018 – Salle Bourgie, Montréal (Canada)
03.04.2018 – Vancouver (Canada)