Miren ZeberioBaroque violin


    Miren Zeberio Etxetxipia was born in Tolosa (Basque Country). She studied modern violin in San Sebastian and Utrecht (Netherlands), and deepened her studies on Ancient Music in the Netherlands and Barcelona. Among the teachers and influential musicians in her educational training we could mention Karen Turpie, Antoinette Lohmann, Manfredo Kraemer, Jordi Savall, Eduardo López-Banzo, Olivia Centurioni, Enrico Onofri and Amandine Beyer.

    Early music and Basque traditions

    She has a broad experience as an orchestral and chamber musician, with ensembles like BandArt (leaded by Gordan Nikolic), Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester (conducted by Claudio Abbado), Ensemble Elyma (with Gabriel Garrido), Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla, Al Ayre Español, Forma Antiqva and La Ritirata, playing regularly in the most important festivals and concert halls in Europe.

    Her interest in folk, modern music and other artistic areas has led her to participate in a great number of concerts, recordings and shows with the most varied artists such as Dulce Pontes, Kepa Junkera, Phil Woods, Antony and the Johnsons, and in theater, dance and puppet shows.

    Her creations with Constantinople

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