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For this concert, Ensemble Constantinople has taken the liberty of reinventing the music left by Italian early baroque composers such Kapsberger, Monteverdi and Rossi. In response to these beautiful works, Constantinople will interpret a few masterpieces from the Polish composer at the Ottoman court, Ali Ufuki, as well as new compositions by Constantinople music director, Kiya Tabassian. The ensemble aims to create a dialogue that recreates the spirit of the cultural exchanges between Venice and Eastern capital cities, such as Constantinople. The spontaneous changes, sharp contrasts and unusual rhythmic groupings in this program provide fertile ground for the musicians of Constantinople, who always welcome the chance to free themselves from the cultural codes of old Europe.

The Time of the Forests

Co-written by Kiya Tabassian and Hélène Dorion, The Time of the Forests is a poignant tribute to seniors living in Montreal’s long-term care facilities (CHSLDs), which sets the richness of their memories to poetry and music.

Dimitrie Cantemir – The Composer Prince

Ensemble Constantinople performs the music of Dimitrie Cantemir (1673-1723), a Moldavian prince, scholar, composer, and diplomat. A fascinating historical figure, Cantemir’s compositions are considered part of the Ottoman music repertoire. More influential though are the over 350 instrumental works that he preserved in his book, Edvar-i Musiki, using his own innovative notation system, which remains as one of the most important collections of 16th and 17th century Ottoman and Middle Eastern music.