Unprecedented subtlety
“Musical arrangements that reveal unprecedented subtlety, making even the best European ensembles green with envy.”
“They open up the doors of an extraordinary garden.”
– Michel Ferland, Radio-Canada-CBC (Canada)

An exciting evening!
“…The sacred is there, beneath our eyes on the stage, through the great communion of the musicians, by their complicity in the improvisations, by the invisible joining of their talents that they have all shown with brio. “
“Without hesitation, artists that deserve five stars.”
– Guy Marceau, La Presse (Quebec)

Quote: 9/10
“I highly recommend Constantinople’s effort as one of the successful of ‘East-meets-West’ conceptualizations on disc.”
David Vernier, Classic

Virtuosity draws the listener into magic
“The connection of these brothers to each other, to their diverse musical influences and interests, and the drawing out of inner resources and virtuosity draw the listener into the magic created.”
– Diane Wells,

5 DIAPASONS rating
The French magazine gave us a 5 DIAPASONS rating for TERRES TURQUOISES launched in 2005.
“Their approach, seeking the instantaneous gestures of improvisation, has a novel sound, a certain innocence created from the meeting of rare tones, even if it means taking on the risky, yet so invigorating territory of re-creation.”
– Roger Tellart, Diapason (France)

A musical level never reached before
“On a musical level, never before has a work pushed the Quebecois folklore that far in space!”
“Constant in the quality of the interpretation.”
“What emerges is a free and subtle music that we never want to stop listening to.”
– Yves Bernard, Le Devoir (Quebec)

One the finest Early music ensembles
“Constantinople is one of the world’s finer Early music ensembles.”
– Doug Spencer, The Weekend Planet (ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corp.)

Nothing superficial
“Constantinople manages to make us believe in the mythical Middle Ages clothed in mysticism.”
“There is nothing superficial about their music.”
“They have brilliantly reached their goal, one that we were anxious to share in once again.”
– François Tousignant, Le Devoir (Québec)

By heart
“An hour and a half of intense and improvised exchanges between two musicians who know each other by heart… The buzz around these precious musicians will continue for a long time.”
– Mondomix (France)

A dream
“Their mission seems to be to make us dream. They take us on a voyage to another world.” – Véronique Robert, L’Actualité
“These artists transported us a long way. Far into time, into space… and with such great ease. Bravo! »
– L’Union (France)

Free and rigorous
“An approach at once free and rigorous.”
– La Scena Musicale (Canada)

A Bull’s eye score
“Credible, erudite, sensitive, Constantinople’s approach scores a bull’s-eye.”
– Christophe Huss, Le Devoir (Quebec)

“Constantinople presented a convincing evening of exquisite music-making.”
–  Vancouver Sun (Canada)