Bach & Khayyam


John-Sebastien Bach (1685 -1750) and Omar Khayyam (1048 -1131)

Even if more than 600 years separates the life of John-Sebastien Bach (1685 -1750) and Omar Khayyam (1048 -1131), these two genius were made to meet each other.  Their visions of the world, as a perfect match of mathematics mastery and a super high level of spirituality, bring these two men in a delightful dialogue and traces a clear path to the sublime. In this program Constantinople brings these two artists into a dialogue, where the sacred and spirituality transcend borders. For this new creation Constantinople proposes arrangements of some of the most beautiful spiritual songs and arias of JS Bach in dialogue with poems of Omar Khayyam sung in Persian and responding to Bach’s songs.   


On Stage

Bach & Khayyam in concerts

october 2023

10oct19 h 30 minBach & Khayyam19 h 30 min WhereCalgary, Canada

13oct20 h 30 minBach & Khayyam20 h 30 min WhereToronto, Canada

14oct20 h 00 minBach & Khayyam20 h 00 min WhereMontréal, Canada

16oct19 h 30 minBach & Khayyam19 h 30 min WhereQuébec, Canada


MAY 2022

28.05.2022 – Bach & Khayyam, Internationales Bachfest, Schaffhausen (Switzerland)


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