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    ABOUT Patrick Graham

    Patrick Graham is an accomplished percussionist, improviser, composer and instructor from Montreal, Canada. Graham’s life-long fascination with percussion and passion for sound has led him on a globe-traversing journey, studying contemporary Western percussion, the frame drumming traditions of the Mediterranean and Middle-East, South Indian rhythm and Japanese taiko. He re-imagines this world of influences, bridging far-flung rhythms and coaxing a vast palette of textures from an array of instruments.
    Patrick Graham on percussions

    A remarkable career

    Graham has co-created percussion collectives, chamber music, folk and jazz ensembles, dance and multi-disciplinary pieces, and has been featured on dozens of albums and soundtracks. His first solo album, Rheō, was hailed in 2009 as one of the top albums of the year by the CBC Radio 2 program ‘The Signal’. In 2020, he released Lumina, an album of solo improvisations for percussion and Unnatural, a collaborative project with electronic music artist John Sellekaers. Currently, Patrick Graham performs extensively with the acclaimed ensemble Constantinople.


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