At the Crossroads of the Mediterranean

This concert program is a musical voyage into the heart of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern musical traditions. Featuring some of the most pre-eminent heirs and creators from these lands, the concert presents ancient sounds and modes intertwining with new music composed by the virtuosos of the ensemble.

The meeting between the 6 master-musicians from Lebanon, Iran, Turkey and Canada between strings and vocals, goes back in time to evoke the beauty of being. It is a joint passage through the common sites of the imagination, like a long breath before the inexorable march of the world and time.

Without doubt, this concert will transport you to a soul-stirring world of peaceful musical dialogues.

In the press :

“The key element here is the intense musical dialogue that manages to create a very solid, convincing musical space thanks to perfect rhythmic coordination” – SONGLINES, Album Top of the World

“…the keywords are beauty, elegance, virtuosity, refinement, precision, serenity, contemplation, rich melodies, and sublime arrangements.” – Oxfam Wereldwinkel Brugge

“… the instrumental pieces carry into a lovely atmosphere. You taste the surroundings through the music. A catchy CD …”  – Martin Roeting,

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