Près du Soleil

Musiciens sur scène

A concert that will take you to the Middle-Ages, in Europe and the Orient

The Ars subtilior, a musically complex and refined style following the Ars Nova of the Middle Ages, is the starting point of a meeting between the universes of Ensemble Caprice and Constantinople.

Près du soleil (Near the Sun) is a program in 8 segments and can be compared with a series of paintings that the musicians create while being guided by the cycle of the sun in the Middle Ages. From night to dawn, from the moment when the sun is at its zenith until dusk, the themes played and sung will transport the public through time and space.

In this original musical program, the eastern instruments of Constantinople (sétar, kanun, oud and percussion) mix with the sounds of the Ensemble Caprice (recorders and viols) as well as with the voices of the soprano Rebecca Dowd and Persian singer Kiya Tabassian in a dialogue that blends European and Eastern medieval colors.

Repertoire: Llibre Vermell, Matteo di Perugia, Johannes Ciconia and others

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28.09.2019 – Sackville (Canada)
27.09.2019 – Lunenburg (Canada)
26.09.2019 – Halifax (Canada)
25.09.2019 – Saulniverville (Canada)
21.09.2019 – Salle Bourgie, Montréal (Canada)
20.09.2019 – Grand Théâtre, Québec (Canada)
19.09.2019 – Music & Beyond, Ottawa (Canada)


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