re:Orient en concert

re:Orient immerses us at the crossroad of the fascinating aesthetics of Korean Pansori and Persian music, exploring these two “Orients” rich in cultures and sophisticated millennial musical heritages. Virtuoso musicians of Constantinople together alongside their fabulous guests from Korea explore various modes and rhythms, imagining new musical landscapes where the five cardinal directions—East, West, North, South, and Center—create a narrative illustrated with Pansori tales and Persian poems by Rumi and Hafez.

This creates a land where spirits and souls meet, and the stories of the two Orients converse, with the microtonality of the Pansori and Persian musical modes at the heart of this dialogue.

On stage

re:Orient in concerts

november 2024

16nov20 h 00 minre:OrientWhereMontreal, Canada


september 2023

23sep15 h 00 minre:OrientWhereJeonju, Corea