05août19 h 00 minBreathingsConques, France

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Détails de l'événement

Breathings is a celebration of our intimate relationship with nature, a concert that places the breath at the centre of the musical act. The pulsing of a heartbeat and the human voice in all its forms are breath-related phenomena that will serve to guide Constantinople’s musicians and their guests from indigenous communities from both here and abroad in this new creation.

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Sur scène

  • Didem Basar, kanun
  • Patrick Graham, percussion
  • Darlene Gijuminag, voice & Mi’kmaq drum
  • Kianoush Khalilian, ney
  • Pierre-Yves Martel, double bass
  • Mongun-ool Ondar, Tuvan throat singing, igil (horsehead fiddle) & doshpuluur (lute)
  • Kiya Tabassian, setar, voice & musical direction


(Jeudi) 19 h 00 min(GMT+02:00)


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Conques, France

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