Cantemir, The Composer Prince

20avr20 h 00 minCantemir, The Composer PrinceMontréal, Canada

Cantemir musicians

Détails de l'événement

In this creation, Constantinople dedicates itself to the work of Dimitrie Cantemir, an emblematic figure bridging European and Middle Eastern cultures at the dawn of the 18th century.

Cantemir was not only a prince and scholar, but also a renowned composer and diplomat and transcended borders and centuries with his talent. His musical contributions are invaluable: his compositions are gems of Ottoman music, showcasing the empire’s richness and diversity at its peak. Moreover, Cantemir’s meticulous compilation and transcription work in the monumental “Edvar-i Musiki” stand unparalleled. With over 350 meticulously transcribed instrumental pieces, Cantemir’s collection offers a comprehensive insight into Ottoman and Middle Eastern music of the 16th and 17th centuries, making it a crucial resource for understanding these musical traditions.

Under the artistic direction of Kiya Tabassian, Constantinople approaches Cantemir’s treasure trove with erudite precision and creative flair. By interpreting Cantemir’s compositions alongside works by his contemporaries like the French Marin Marais and the Italian Antonio Bertali, the musicians infuse new vitality into these centuries-old pieces, rendering them vivid and tangible for modern audiences.


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Sur scène

  • Kiya Tabassian, setar and direction
  • Kianoush Khalilian, ney
  • Didem Basar, kanun
  • Tanya LaPerrière, baroque violin and viola d’amore
  • Patrick Graham, percussions
  • Michel Angers, theorbe


(Samedi) 20 h 00 min(GMT-04:00)


Bourgie Concert Hall, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

1339 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest H3G 1G2

Montréal, Canada