Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian

06nov20 h 30 minKayhan Kalhor & Kiya TabassianBologna, Italy

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“Never was there a man who sought so much”
700 years since the death of Marco Polo

Marco Polo did not go to Asia for wealth, power, and honours, but to discover a form of civilization. The Travels of Marco Polo narrates a journey of knowledge more than a conquest. “Never was there a man who sought so much” draws inspiration from this belief, creating a concert-reading of music, images, and words that follows the diverse routes of Marco Polo’s travels in the Far East, including a passage through Persian lands. Alternating with the pages in Franco-Venetian language from The Travels, selected and read by Sandro Cappelletto, are the musical improvisations of two masters of Persian music: Kayhan Kalhor, the legendary kamancheh player, a bowed instrument of the Iranian tradition, and Kiya Tabassian, a setar player, the Persian lute.

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Sur scène

  • Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh
  • Kiya Tabassian, setar


6 novembre 2024 20 h 30 min(GMT+02:00)

Bologna, Italy

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