Under the Indian Musical Sky

09nov12 h 00 min12 h 45 minUnder the Indian Musical SkyHøje-Taastrup, Denmark

Détails de l'événement

Under the Indian Musical Sky transports us into the sublime, refined world of an unparalleled musical civilization. Transmitted orally from one generation to the next, with its melodic ragas, precisely calculated yet highly complex rhythms and beats, and its both geometric and lyrical ornamentation, Indian music, from the north down to the south, provides an inexhaustible source of inspiration and beauty.”

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School concert.

Sur scène

  • Kiya Tabassian, setar & voice
  • Shashank Subramanyam, indian flute
  • Parupalli Phalgun, Mridangam, Khanjira & Konnakol 
  • Hamin Honari, tombak & daf


9 novembre 2023 12 h 00 min - 12 h 45 min(GMT+02:00)



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Høje-Taastrup, Denmark