Imane HomsyKanun

    ABOUT IMANE HOMSY (1967-2013)

    Imane Homsy (1967-2013) is considered to be the most important qanun (a type of zither) virtuoso of her country. She graduated from the Lebanon National Higher Conservatory in 1991 after having obtained her diploma in qanun.

    She has stufdied Classic Arab Music, while at the same time experiencing with Western music. She has developed her own technique in qanun, playing with eight fingers, without abandoning the common way of playing by using two fingers.

    Imane Homsy has participated in many international festivals in Europe, Asia and Africa, including the Al Bustan International Festival of Music, Lebanon; Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; Epidaurus Festival; and Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall. She has also performed in many recordings of Arab music.

    Collaborator of one of the greatest Arab singers, Fairuz, since 1999, she has performed with her orchestra in a large number of concerts in Tunisia, Kuwait, Jordan, the USA anf France among others.

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