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    ABOUT Marco Ferrari

    Multi-instrumentalist specialized in ethnic and ancient music, he graduated the Clarinet with full marks from the Conservatory of Bologna. He devoted himself to the study of the relationship between written music and music of oral
    tradition; the numerous collaborations with musicians and ensembles from Serbia, Romania, Greece and from the Egyptian, Lebanese and Maghrebian Arab tradition have brought him an openness and experience towards musical cultures of oral tradition.
    He founded and directed the ensemble Sine Nomine and Acantus for 10 years. He currently directs Salon de musiques and CentoTrecento ensemble. With these and other groups of international level including Alia Musica of Milan, Cantigas of Paris, the theater company of Peppe and Concetta Barra, Moni Ovadia, La Pifarescha (of which he is co-founder) has supported an intense activity concerts throughout Europe, the United States, Latin America.
    He has recorded over 70 CDs (Quadrivium, Glossa, EMI, Tactus, Gimell) some also in the pop music sector with famous Italian artists such as Lucio Dalla, Mia Martini and Aleandro Baldi. He was teacher at the Cesena Conservatory, and regularly holds an improvisation course at the HEMGE Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève. Since 2012 he has held Improvisation Master Class at the Adria Conservatory and in 2013-14 also at the Pesaro Conservatory. He has held summer interpreting courses at the Fondation Royaumont near Paris and regularly holds
    internships in France and at the Geneva Conservatory.


    From 2006 to 2009 he directed the musical programming of the Ticino Festival to which he brought extraordinary Bulgarian and Romanian artists with whom he collaborated: the brothers Marian and Nicolae Serban, Aleksei and Zaharina Asenov. In this period he participates in the creation of 4 CDs by Angelo Branduardi with the group he directs: Futuro Antico. In 2010 with the participation of the well-known Bolognese flutist Giorgio Zagnoni, he performed the concert “Intolerance” on the music of European migrants with great success at the Manzoni Theater in
    Bologna, with his arrangements of classical pieces by gypsy music of the 19th century, a work published in September 2018, in the form of Suites for String Quartet, for the Ut Orpheus publishing house.

    His creations with Constantinople

    Fahmi et Rami Alqhai avec Johanna Rose