Il Ponte di Leonardo


Musical reconstruction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s bridge

In 1502, Leonardo da Vinci drafted the plans for what would have been the largest bridge in the world, in Istanbul. However, the project never saw the light of day, as Sultan Bayezid II, who had commissioned the project, found the venture too ambitious. The plans were nevertheless preserved in the artist’s archives, which is why we still have access to them today.

Presented precisely 500 years after Da Vinci’s death, this concert gives musical expression to his unfinished architectural project and builds the bridge he envisioned between East and West. Musical works drawn from 16th- and 17th century manuscripts found in the national libraries of Istanbul and Florence will be revisited by the solo musicians of the Constantinople ensemble and the sublime Italian singer Marco Beasley. These works belong to the classical and popular repertoires of two important centres of musical culture of the time, which were Persia and the Ottoman Empire on the one hand, and Renaissance Italy on the other.

For this original program, Marco Beasley, a leading figure in Renaissance music, joins Constantinople’s soloists, under the direction of Kiya Tabassian, to immerse us in the imaginary and audacious world of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings.

“Il Ponte di Leonardo” won the 2024 JUNO Award for “Best Classical Album of the Year”

“This music is simply very well crafted, with a lot of enjoyment, a lot of emotion, a lot of knowledge, but also a lot of skill. If you let yourself be carried away, you can expect a pure and cloudless musical pleasure.”

On stage

Il Ponte di Leonardo in concerts

January 2025

18jan20 h 00 minIl ponte di LeonardoWhereGent, Belgium

19jan20 h 00 minIl ponte di LeonardoWhereGroningen, Netherlands


March 2022

11mar19 h 30 minIl ponte di LeonardoWhereCalgary, Canada

18mar20 h 30 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereToronto, Canada

19mar20 h 00 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereMontreal, Canada

May 2022

31may20 h 00 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereSalem, Germany

August 2022

11aug21 h 30 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereConques, France

September 2022

15sep21 h 30 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereCalvi, Corsica

April 2023

11apr20 h 30 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereParis, France

19apr19 h 00 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereSalt Spring, Canada

July 2023

23jul14 h 00 minIl ponte di LeonardoWhereLanaudière, Canada

25jul20 h 00 minIl ponte di LeonardoWhereMontreal, Canada

27jul21 h 27 minIl ponte di LeonardoWhereOttawa, Canada

28jul19 h 30 minIl Ponte di LeonardoWhereVancouver, Canada

May 2024

20may16 h 00 minIl ponte di Leonardo | SOLD OUT!WhereRegensburg, Germany

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