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    Nasser Salameh born in Amman – Jordan in 1977, started his journey as a percussionist at the age of 17 with Al Hanuneh Folkloric group and continued later to self teach himself. 

    In addition to his work with local groups & musicians such as Tareq Al Jundi, Juthour Band Abboud Kayali, Haytham Kawar, Kamal Musallam, Tala Abu Al Ragheb, Rum with Tareq Al Nasser, Zade Dirani, yacoub Abu Ghosh, Yarub Smairat, Ayman Tayseer, Sakher Hattar, Lara Alayan, Omar Abbad, Sign of Thyme, Nawazen , Turab, Sharq , Al Hanuneh , and the National Music Conservatory Orchestra, Nasser performed with many regional and international outfits, including the renowned Palestinian band Karloma, the Palestinian Youth Orchestra, the Venezuelan woodwind master Pedro Eustache, East Mania, Taksim Trio, Goksel Baktagir, Dweiki Darmawan, Enriche Moriante,Rishloo Lahiri, Marcel Khalifeh, Wadi’ Al Safi, Umaima Khalil and Lutfi Bushnaq. He has accompanied oud masters from all over the world, notably the Palestinian virtuoso Ahmad Al Khatib, Hussain Sabsabi from Syria , Mamdouh Al Jabali from Egypt, Nizar Rohana from Palestine, Nasir Shamma & Omar Bashir from Iraq and Khaled Jubran from Palestine.

    An outstanding percussionist

    Nasser ’s uniqueness comes primarily from his diversity as a percussion player; not only is he an expert in the intricate art of Arabic instruments and rhythms, he is also highly experienced with Latin percussion including Congas and Bongos, Cajon, and many other percussion instruments from all over the world.

    His work takes him far and wide as he performs all over the world, from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe, America and the Far East.
    Apart from his performances, Nasser has recorded with many local and international bands and musicians.

    Nasser currently resides in Amman, Jordan.

    His creations with Constantinople

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