…where merge contemporary dance, music of Persian inspiration and interactive video

Every sound stems from a gesture, but in an abyss of silence, can movement take place? Every expression is based on a memory, but when memory is plural, how does it resonate? And what happens when two artists, a choreographer and a composer, each at the crossroads of cultures, join forces? Starting from both nothing and everything they are made of?

Śūnya (in Sanskrit, “zero” and “number”) refers to this fundamental paradox of being, of language, of movement… The movement of exile, the movement of art, hybridization.

Four dancers, three musicians, a sound designer and a video artist experiment here, guided in turn by the Indo-Armenian dancer and choreographer Roger Sinha and Iranian-born gatherer of musical pearls Kiya Tabassian, immersed in dialogue. From the universal quest for identity to the collective epic, a creative gesture like the dreamlike echo of a world reconciled.

In the Press :

“At the same time extremely poetic, inspired and inspiring, hypnotic. Sunya is a sublime piece, an invitation to a subtle journey, sensual and spiritual. A touching beauty.” – Aline Apostolska, La Presse

“An enchanting atmosphere. A particularly beautiful and fabulous show…” – Marie-Christine Trottier, Radio Canada

“Sunya is a unique and highly successful collaboration… The dance is highly stylized yet deeply communicative.”
– Nancy Berman, Bachtrack

“This creation amazes and touches through the depth of the artistic approach and the high sensitivity that emerges from it. Sunya is definitely a strong work that truly challenges us.”
– Laure Ghelfi, PatWhite

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On stage

  • Pablo Bonacina, sound
  • Thomas Casey, Tanya Crowder, Ghislaine Doté, François Richard, dance
  • Jérôme Delapierre, visual designer & interaction design
  • Jo Leslie, dramaturgy
  • Pierre-Yves Martel, viola da gamba
  • Caroline Nadeau, technical director and lighting
  • Roger Sinha, artistic direction & choreography (in collaboration with dancers and Jo Leslie)
  • Kiya Tabassian, artistic direction, setar & musical conception (in collaboration with Ziya Tabassian, Pierre-Yves Martel and Jo Leslie)
  • Ziya Tabassian, percussion
  • Sarah Williams, rehearsal direction


Sinha Danse and Constantinople are part of the Segal Centre for Performing Arts / Danse Danse Series Choreographer-In-Residence program.