Sinha DanseChoreography, dance


    Born in London (England) of an Armenian mother and an Indian father, Roger Sihna moved with his family to Saskatoon (Canada) at the age of 8. This newfound culture collided with the two others and this started his quest for his identity, the source of his work as an artist.

    Sinha Danse

    Artistic director, choreographer and dancer, Roger Sinha founded Sinha Danse in 1991. The histories of Sinha Danse and its creator are linked together. His choreographic journey began with Burning Skin (1992). The warm reception of the piece permitted numerous collaborations and creations. In 1996, Roger Sinha was awarded the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund to create a work for the Transitions Dance Company at the Laban Centre in London.

    Kiya Tabassian et Roger Sinha

    His creations with Constantinople

    Musiciens sur scèneLori Freedman et sa clarinette