Under the Persian Musical Sky


A journey at the heart of Persian music

Persian music, in continuous evolution for millennia, is an art that is at once tremendously refined, rich, and touching. With this concert, Constantinople’s Artistic Director Kiya Tabassian is returning to his musical roots and at the same time joining forces once again with the great musician Kayhan Kalhor, one of the most important figures in Persian music.

Recognized internationally as the sublime master of the kamancheh (or Iranian spiked fiddle), Kalhor is also a leading player of the setar, the instrument that will be played during this evening in duo with the virtuoso Tabassian.

Two free thinkers and musical explorers, Kalhor and Tabassian invite listeners to the point of convergence of their creative universes, for an impassioned musical voyage to the heart of their art, to its Persian roots.

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JUNE 2022

12.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Grand Théâtre de Québec, Québec (Canada)

11.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Bourgie Hall, Montreal (Canada)

10.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto (Canada)

09.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto (Canada)

08.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto (Canada)

05.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Christchurch Cathedral, Victoria (Canada)

04.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Roundhouse, Vancouver (Canada)

03.06.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Kay Meek Arts Centre, Vancouver (Canada)

APRIL 2022

20.04.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Luxembourg Philharmonic


20.02.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, National Center for Early Music, York (United-Kingdom)

17.02.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Kings Place, Londres (United-Kingdom)

14.02.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Vilnius Philharmonic (Lithuania)

13.02.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Vilnius Philharmonic (Lithuania)

12.02.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Kaunas Philharmonic (Lithuania)

10.02.2022 – Duo Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Boulez Haal, Berlin (Germany)

November 2019

29.11.2019 – Under the Persian Musical SkyTheatre St-Gallen, St-Gall (Switzerland)

July 2019

27.07.2019 – Under the Persian Musical Sky, Tirgan Festival, Toronto (Canada)

May 2019

10.05.2019 – Kayhan Kalhor & Kiya Tabassian, Elebash Recital Hall, New York (USA)

February 2019

12.02.2019 – Under the Persian Musical Sky, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore (USA)

15.02.2019 – Under the Persian Musical Sky, Gregory Hall, Urbana (USA)

23.02.2019 – Under the Persian Musical Sky, Rackham Auditorium, Michigan (USA)

JUNE 2018

19.06.2018 – Under the Persian Musical SkyGlobal Soundscapes Festival, Vancouver (Canada)

15.06.2018 – Under the Persian Musical SkyAga Khan Museum, Toronto (Canada)

11.06.2018 – Under the Persian Musical SkyGrand Théâtre de Québec, Quebec (Canada)

10.06.2018 – Under the Persian Musical SkyDélégation de l’Imamat Ismaili, Ottawa (Canada)

09.06.2018 – Under the Persian Musical Sky, Salle Bourgie, Montreal (Canada)

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