Özlem ÖzdilSaz, voice


    Özlem Özdil was born in 1979 in Hannover (Germany). Her first music teacher was her father, Dursun Özdil. Blending the tradition she received from the past with the realities and values of the present, she passes this deeply rooted tradition on to generations to come.

    She is aware of the great responsibility and discipline that come with the duty of being a bridge between times. This responsibility is felt by all artists, the oral representatives of this culture. This viewpoint requires continual renewal on the part of the artist. Since coming to Turkey for a quality musical education, Özlem Özdil has, despite her young age, succeeded in renewing herself. Her long-time producer as well as teacher Sinan Çelik has no doubt had a great hand in the creation of this awareness. His artistry, attitude toward his art and sense of responsibility and discipline has guided Özdil. At the same time, she has been influenced by her joint projects with the outstanding artists Musa Eroğlu, Güler Duman, Çetin Akdeniz and Güray Hafiftash.

    Two aspects especially stand out in Özlem Özdil’s music: her voice and interpretation, which transform all her songs into crystal clear expressions of sadness, joy and love, and her skills as a performer on the baglama.

    She spent hours in practice and made constant efforts to discover something new in every recording, in every sound of the masters she listened to; “my journey with the baglama has never ended and never will end,” are indications of her determination and sincerity. Özlem Özdil is a shining example of young talent who, with both her instrument and her voice, has poured her heart and life into folk music.

    Her creations with Constantinople

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