Sinan ÇelikKaval


    Sinan Çelik was born in Kars in 1957. He finished primary and middle school in Sarikami, and then graduated from Istanbul Academy of Economic and Business Science and the Turkish Music State Conservatory at Istanbul Technical University.

    In his childhood, he learned music from his father, Adil Çelik, and played mandolin, flute, fipple flute (dilli kaval) and baglama. Sinan Çelik then learned fippleless flute (dilsiz kaval) from Husnu Tiryaki and worked with famous folk musicians such as Arif Sag, Nida Tufekci, Mehmet Özbek, Yavuz Top and Musa Eroglu.

    He investigated fippleless flute and made efforts to be able to play it in orchestras. He taught kaval at the conservatory for a while and worked as a kaval player at TRT Istanbul Radio for a long time.

    Sinan Çelik has participated in many recordings of Turkish folk music and contributed to the introduction of kaval. He is one of the founders of Duygu Music Production Company, has prepared albums on Turkish folk music and did research on kaval. He created the most famous kaval method as well.

    His creations with Constantinople

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