The Time of the Forests

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The Time of the Forests, A TOUCHING WORK

Co-written by Kiya Tabassian and Hélène Dorion, The Time of the Forests is a poignant tribute to seniors living in Montreal’s long-term care facilities (CHSLDs), which sets the richness of their memories to poetry and music.

This work was written following several meetings, which took place from 2016 to 2019, between the gatherers of memories, Kiya Tabassian and Suzie LeBlanc, and the residents of a number of CHSLDs. Inspired by the fascinating accounts of their lives and experiences, this work immortalizes in its own unique way the memories the seniors generously shared with the artists.

Hélène Dorion has written an extraordinary suite of poems, some movements of which have drawn on the stories and testimonials they collected, and Kiya Tabassian has created music that reflects the richness and diversity of our society, from yesterday to today.

On stage

The Time of the Forests is available online