Zohar FrescoPercussions


    Zohar Fresco was born in a Jewish family of Turkish origin. At a very early age he started playing percussion, absorbing the rich and diverse traditional music that surrounded him, especially from older musicians who came to Israel from Asia and various countries in the Middle East. He was a founding member of Bustan Abraham, an ensemble in which both Arab and Jewish musicians collaborated. This acoustic band, which specialized in fusing Eastern and Western styles, was a pioneer in its field and is still considered one of the best the genre has produced.

    Zohar Fresco recorded six albums with Bustan Abraham, and toured in many parts of the world. He also played with Ziryab, an ensemble dedicated to classical Turkish and Arab music, under the artistic supervision of renowned oud player Teidir Elias.

    A unique rhythmic language

    He developed his own personal and inimitable style in hand drums, Tof Miriam-frame drum, and became a well-known and highly respected artist on the international percussion scene.

    He has played and performed with Glen Velez, Ustad Zakir Hussain (together with Bustan Abraham), Mısırlı Ahmet, Philip Glass, Ross Daly, Ara Dinkjian, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Ustad Hariprasad Chaurasia and others. Zohar is currently the artistic director of Peimot Festival, held at Confederation House in Jerusalem.

    His creations with Constantinople

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