Beyond the Horizon

A dialogue between Constantinople & Belem 

Turning our ears to distant lands, toward imagination and illusion, we create the present moment. An unprecedented meeting between the deeply moving worlds of accordionist Didier Laloy and…


Songs of Hope

A New Sound of Persian Music 

Constantinople’s new creation is a return to roots for Kiya Tabassian. Joined by his ensemble, he presents a concert consisting entirely of new works for Persian instruments and…



At the Crossroad of the Mediterranean 

This concert program is a musical voyage into the heart of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern musical traditions. Featuring some of the most pre-eminent heirs and creators from these…



Baroque Impressions 

“For the flames of lovers, I know that all the oceans are not enough.”  ~ Barbara Strozzi, Cantate Sino Alla Morte In line with Early Dreams, it is…



...Where merges contemporary dance, music of Persian inspiration and interactive real time video 

“At the same time extremely poetic, inspired and inspiring, hypnotic. Sunya is a sublime piece, an invitation to a subtle journey, sensual and spiritual. A touching beauty.” –…

Featured Canti di a Terra © M. Slobodian

Canti di a Terra

An encounter between Corsican polyphonies, Persian and ancient music 

Strong, vibrant and profound, the music here emerges from the very depths of the earth. It has an ageless quality that touches the listener in the deepest way….


Itinerant Gardens

A poetic encounter between strings and voice, from the epics of the Mandingo Kingdom to the music of the Persian court... 

“My garden is my music. My memory is the soil of my garden, which grows in this earth, spreads its roots and penetrates the soil to go elsewhere,…


Voyages musicaux de Marco Polo

Par En Chordais et Constantinople 

This musical adventure takes us onto the Silk Road, following the steps of the celebrated Venetian merchant Marco Polo, who set out for China in the 13th century….

Featured-Chemins-au-Sommet-©Isabelle Provost

Paths to the Summit

Rediscovered treasures of Persian classical music 

Paths to the Summit sheds light on an obscure period in Persian history, when large numbers of Iranian musicians migrated to the neighbouring Ottoman and Byzantine cultural centres during…

Featured Rythmes en Voltige © Mivil

Rhythms in Flight

Rhythm is time and time is infinite 

“O lovers, lovers it is time to set out from the world, I hear a drum in my soul’s ear coming from the depths of the stars. I…

Featured La Nuit aux 1000 Oreilles © C. Hayeur

Someone will remember us…

Poetry & music inspired by Sappho 

A seaport, trading centre, resort for the nobility and stopover for all travellers, the island of Lesbos was highly prized on the route to the Greek colonies of…

Featured Premiers Songes

Primero Sueño

Women of Light, Baroque passion I 

“I am the Light among the rays, enjoying the blazing sun.” ~  Sor Juana Inès de la Cruz Primero Sueño (Early dreams) is a journey of the senses through…

Ensemble Constantinople  - Montreal 2010

Missa Mystica

Cantigas de Santa María 

Missa Mystica is a ceremonial concert, a path toward the sublime measured in terms of the human heart. It is a celebration of the spiritual and sacred quest, far…

Featured Chants de l'aube © Shahin Parhami

Songs of the Dawn

When Persian classical music meets the great Hindustani tradition 

 “If you want the Truth, I’ll tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, The real sound, Which is inside you.” – Kabîr

Featured Rose aux 13 pétales © M. Pinault

The 13-Petaled Rose

Union of Klezmer & Persian music 

Whether it be its sonorities, ornamentations or melodic lines, klezmer music has obvious affinities with the world and federative approach of Constantinople. All we needed was an opportunity…

Featured Mania © Babak Salari


New Persian Music 

“This is a gathering of Lovers. In this gathering there is no high, no low, no smart, no ignorant, no special assembly, no grand discourse, no proper schooling…

Featured Masnavi © DR


Musical calligraphies 

As the Sufi masterpiece written between 1258 and 1273 by the Master Jalâl ud Dîn Rûmî, Masnavi-I Ma’navi means “Rhyming Couplets of Profound Spiritual Meaning.” It deals with…

Featured Versailles à Topkapi © M. Pinault copy

Versailles à Topkapı

Echoes of the baroque palaces 

Constantinople invites you to join them on a journey from the Court of Versailles to the Topkapı Palace seraglios of Istanbul’s Ottoman sultans.This concert, woven around the music of…

Featured Terra Nostra © Y. MacDonald

Terra Nostra

A journey into the Mexico of the 17th century 

“During the last years, Constantinople has given nearly twenty five concerts in Mexico. Each visit has heightened our fascination for the culture and the people of this beautiful…

Çeke Çeke

Çeke Çeke

Love songs from Anatolia and Persia 

Like many musical traditions of the Mediterranean and Orient, the musical heritage of Anatolia and Persia were passed on orally over the course of several centuries. The Ashiqs,…

Featured El Grito, el Silencio © Mehdi Ben Boubakeur

El grito, el Silencio

In the heart of Andalusia 

El Grito, el Silencio is an authentic journey into Spanish Andalusia and its fiery flamenco. First performed to great acclaim in Montreal in May 2008 with guests Rosario…