Ablaye, Patrick and Kiya



Everywhere, from time immemorial, the Word has been embodied by the bard, the troubadour, the griot. These wordsmiths, at once messengers and peacemakers, are the links with the forces of nature, the inexpressible divine, the memory of the ancients. It falls to them to maintain the realm of the collective soul.

Nowadays, these freethinkers and travellers are making the world their garden… Like Constantinople’s musicians and Ablaye Cissoko, griot from Saint-Louis, Senegal, all eternally migrating birds. This meeting between Ablaye and Constantinople, between strings and vocals, goes back in time to evoke the beauty of being. It is a joint passage through the common sites of the imagination, like a long breath before the inexorable march of the world and time.

From the start, this dialogue between the kora and the setar seemed to come from the depths of the earth, as though these instruments, along with the double bass and percussion, had always existed side by side. This natural symbiosis gave us wings to fly towards distant horizons, and our music has been heard over one hundred time in various festivals and halls around the world.

This exceptional harmony that exists today between our music and our selves has allowed us to create works inspired by our inner gardens and shared voyages, which we present to you with this concert.

This program is available with three or four musicians.

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On stage

Traversées in concerts

July 2024

25jul21 h 00 minTraverséesWhereMinorca, Spain

27jul20 h 30 minTraverséesWhereEntraygues-sur-Truyère, France

28jul18 h 00 minTraverséesWhereSalles-la-Source, France

29jul20 h 30 minTraverséesWhereVillefranche-de-Rouergue, France

31jul21 h 00 minTraverséesWhereGeneva, Switzerland

October 2024

04oct20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereHeist-op-den-Berg, Belgium

05oct20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereKöln, Germany


September 2021

24sep19 h 30 minMandinka PilgrimagesWhereVancouver, Canada

25sep19 h 30 minMandinka PilgrimagesWhereVictoria, Canada

28sep18 h 15 minMandinka PilgrimagesWhereQuebec, Canada

30sep19 h 30 minMandinka PilgrimagesWhereSaskatoon, Canada

October 2021

30sep19 h 30 minMandinka PilgrimagesWhereSaskatoon, Canada

02oct20 h 00 minMandinka PilgrimagesWhereMontreal, Canada

30oct20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereSaint-Louis, Senegal

November 2021

13nov20 h 15 minTraverséesWhereTurnhout, Belgium

16nov20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereCasablanca, Morocco

April 2022

27apr14 h 00 minWorkshop storytelling with Kiya Tabassian and Ablaye CissokoWhereMechelen, Belgium

28apr20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereMechelen, Belgium

30apr20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereSchwetzingen, Germany

May 2022

15may18 h 00 minTraverséesWhereRiga, Latvia

18may20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereHannover, Germany

20may20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereVilnius, Lithuania

21may20 h 00 minTraverséesWherePlunge, Lithuania

23may20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereVilnius, Lithuania

24may20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereKaunas, Lituanie

July 2022

08jul20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereRedon, France

17jul14 h 45 minTraverséesWhereSylvanès, France

30jul20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereMainz, Germany

November 2022

18nov20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereCap-Not, France

April 2023

15apr20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereBrussels, Belgium

25apr19 h 30 minTraverséesWherePrague, Czech Republic

May 2023

03may20 h 30 minTraverséesWhereTessy-Bocage, France

04may20 h 30 minTraverséesWhereSaint-Hilaire du Harcouët, France

05may20 h 30 minTraverséesWhereFlamanville, France

06may20 h 30 minTraverséesWhereCarentan-les-Marais, France

18may20 h 30 minTraverséesWhereLondon

August 2023

30aug20 h 00 minTRAVERSÉESWhereMontréal, Canada

31aug19 h 00 minTRAVERSÉESWhereLunenburg, Nova Scotia

September 2023

01sep20 h 00 minTRAVERSÉESWhereMargaretsville, Nova Scotia

02sep19 h 30 minTRAVERSÉESWhereWolfville, Nova Scotia

03sep19 h 30 minTRAVERSÉESWhereMahone Bay, Nova Scotia

21sep19 h 00 minTRAVERSÉESWhereJeonju, Corée

22sep19 h 40 minTRAVERSÉESWhereJeonju, Corée

24sep19 h 00 minTRAVERSÉESWhereBusan, Corée

26sep19 h 30 minTRAVERSÉESWhereSeoul, Corée

March 2024

22mar19 h 30 minTraverséesWhereLeverkusen, Germany

23mar20 h 00 minTraverséesWhereFrankfurt, Germany

24mar19 h 00 minTraverséesWhereDonaueschingen, Germany

May 2024

28may21 h 00 minTraverséesWhereFez, Morocco

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