Anne PinsonGeneral coordinator

I was lucky enough to grow up in an exceptional natural and heritage environment, in Conques, in the south of France.

After graduating from the École du Louvre, I headed for Italy, where I lived for five years and took part in several music festivals. Then for twelve years I directed the Centre Européen and the Rencontres musicales de Conques. It was there that I discovered the music of Constantinople and developed a passion for the encounter between repertoires, genres and musical cultures. A fervent admirer of the ensemble, I have invited it on numerous occasions, and I have asked Kiya Tabassian to take on the role of associate artist for the Rencontres musicales de Conques.

I graduated from the Institut d’études politiques Sciences-Po Lyon in 2022, and now hold the position of general coordinator of Constantinople, combining my taste for music, travel and the discovery of new cultures.